(Off-Topic) A column of pixels on my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge went out, and Samsung told me tough luck buddy!

Sorry to go off-topic on you, but I really feel the need to post this – if for no other purpose than to vent.

I purchased my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge shortly after they came out.  I paid full price and bought the phone out right. I was very happy with the look, feel, and speed of the phone.

Samsung provides a 1 year warranty on these products.  About 2 months ago a column of pixels on the phone went out (at the 1 year and 4 month point):


I called Samsung to discuss, and they told me that it would cost $70 to send it in and have it checked. I sent the phone in to hopefully get it repaired.

They came back to me with a bill of $300 and sent the phone back to me without talking to me. They did not repair the phone.

I called Samsung to see if they could help me out.  A Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge costs ~$600 now and with T-Mobile’s buy one get one free it’s even cheaper. $300 would be half the cost of a new phone to repair.

They told me there was damage to the phone and there was nothing they could do for me because I am out of warranty. Does that image look like there was damage? I treated this phone very well, and there are minimal scratches on it from my pocket – the phone is not damaged.

So let’s reflect on the experience:

  • I purchased Samsung’s flagship phone right when it came out at full price
  • The phone had a column of pixels that went bad (without a cause) and did so just outside of the manufactures warranty – to me this is a manufacturing defect
  • I had to send in my phone for over a week (truly inconvenient)
  • They sent the phone back before talking to me about the repair (i.e. if I did want it fixed I’d have to ship it back again)
  • Samsung told me that the phone had damage on the screen – it does not
  • Samsung charged me $70 to tell me this

Good customer service in this case would’ve been to extend the manufactures warranty or at least offer to help on the cost to fix the screen. I should not have to send the phone in a second time to get the repair. I also think that $300 to fix a screen is ridiculous.

Samsung, you should never blame the customer for something they did not do and charge them to do it. If your intention in providing this appalling customer service was to drive me to purchase your new phone, well you’ve done quite the opposite.

I used to spend more than $2000 a year on your Samsung products. Think of it this way: If you would’ve swallowed $300 charge and helped me fix my phone, you would’ve made that back from my purchases next year. I can tell you next year I will spend $0 on Samsung products.

In the words of Mr. Wonderful:

Samsung, you are dead to me.


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